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VideosZ is a variety rich adult site that will solve all your “porn needs”. Currently, VideosZ has over 13,430 adult DVDs which is approximately equivalent to 79,339 scenes of porn action! These movies have a coverage of over sixty different niches ranging from Voyeur to anal and anything that is anywhere in between.

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This site is updated on a daily basis with five fresh, spanking new videos so there is never a room for boringly repeating old videos. Of course, you can never watch all the porn offered by this website. Currently, videosz is the best available adult video website with respect to value and content offered.

Porn becomes more interesting when there is variability in both the variety and the actors. This spices things up and keeps the fire burning and as they say, variety spices up life! All types of porn ever acted ranging from anal and some adrenaline driven gang bangs are sufficiently available on VideosZ.


Videosz was created in 2002 and over the period of time, several improvements have been made and the site has been upgraded severally to satisfy its customer needs. With a wide scope of different varieties of porn, it becomes quite hard to access the specific niche needed but Videosz has solved this problem by improving the navigation system in the website.

At the site’s homepage, there are links to specific categories of porn. For instance; pornstars, DVD’s, scenes, playlists, genres, etc. other links to the site’s networks are also available to ease navigation. The DVD’s menu has a drop down menu that appears upon being hovered on and it gives several options sorted in categories like favorites, most viewed, HD content, latest releases, and best rated videos. For the undecided people who are split of choice and cannot make up their minds, there is a random option too which selects a random porn DVD!

In the scenes button, much the same options as those in the DVD’s button are available. The links in these options lead to the various scenes across all the DVDs available. It gets even more interesting when it comes to the pornstars menu. On this menu, there are options which allow sorting of pornstars with different criteria.